Some kind words from some of my clients...


A stronger, more integrated and flexible ME!


Amanda Jane is a top-notch teacher of multiple systems of movement, including Pilates and Gyrotonic and Yoga. She delivers measurable results to her clients, and I have personally benefited from her knowledge, skills, and talent. I have so much to thank her for in paving the way to a stronger, more integrated and flexible ME! Don’t hesitate to dive into this whole body education with Amanda Jane. She’s awesome!

- Maria G, Los Angeles CA


Knowledge and Energy

"I took my first Pilates class with Amanda two years ago and I haven't stopped since than. I love the knowledge and energy she brings to the class. For the first time I saw/felt the results quickly, which provided great motivation to keep going. Amanda's classes are dynamic, educational, intense[ at times] and fun. Not only can I feel the exercises working, but I feel great and energized afterwords. With strengthening my core, my lower back pain is gone and my posture has improved considerably. Thank you Amanda!"

- Sopo, Austin TX


A Deep Understanding

"Amanda is a brilliant teacher. Her years of experience, dance talent, knowledge, passion, and joy are felt throughout each session. She has a deep understanding of the body, movement and the value of health and fitness. Her ability to customize workouts to individual's needs makes each training fresh and exciting. She continues to evolve her practice and education in both her personal and professional life. A dynamic human being that will help each person reach their goals and aspirations."

- Sher, Los Angeles CA


Creativity and Joy

"Amanda's virtual sessions are fantastic, a vital part of my weekly routine. She's helped me build a large repertoire of movements I practice on my own, and every session she introduces something new. She brings such creativity and joy to movement; sessions frequently include a spontaneous "Ooh, let's play with this!"   Under her detailed observation, I feel safe in reaching farther and digging deeper. Personalized attention, directly in my home, for less than the cost of one-on-one sessions in studios!"

- Jennifer B, Austin TX


I can’t thank her enough!

I spend over 48 hours a week sitting in front of a computer for my job.  This caused me over the years to have very poor posture, tight muscles, and persistent headaches.  Amanda has helped me to reverse this, to elongate and improve my posture, open up and loosen my tight muscles.  Best of all, my headaches are gone.  I can’t thank her enough!  I work with her once a week doing a virtual online sessions (how else could I work with her from across the pond).  Without a doubt everyone should be doing this!

- David M, London, United Kingdom


ever-present “TLC”

Doris and I (87 and 91) continue to function physically at a blessed level. Doris uses a walker and I have a cane nearby, but we are allowed to go to movies and restaurants, or perhaps a special outside event without pain or harsh restriction. Thus, while life has slowed, we indeed are living it quite fully and positively, and we do laugh a lot.

I attribute so very much of our daily fulfillments to our multiple weekly Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions over these past many years. Your several years as our very capable and caring therapist has added solidly to our ongoing mobility longevity. We especially appreciate your ever-present “TLC” mode, always ready to adapt to any particular need of the moment. Thanks for caring!

- Bert L, Los Angeles CA


I am amazed by her expertise


Amanda teaches precisely, clearly and to the point. I am amazed by her expertise. I am 66 years old and a candidate for a knee replacement from years of ballet and aerobics. I have improved with Amanda. She is very aware of the amount of weight I can take and takes my situation into account for all exercises.

Amanda is a fabulous dancer and teacher-she knows her stuff to a T! She is truly a beautiful person both inside and out. I have been blessed beyond years in having met Amanda. A true class act...Amanda for Instructor of the Year!

- Renee J, Austin TX


Knowledgeable about the body and how it functions

Amanda Jane is hands down, the best exercise guru I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the body and how it functions. Her dance experience and constant updating in the fields of Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic gives her all the tools to keep her clients at their best. I worked with her for over ten years and she personalized a routine for me at every session. We did stretch and yoga and pilates and Gyrotonic. She changed my work each time to fit my needs. Her style is personal and eclectic. I can recommend her very highly.

- Deanne Simon, Los Angeles CA