Home to California

Nearly three years ago, following intense research about divorce, I chose to leave my fledgling marriage. It had been two years, four moves, five therapists and one gorgeous baby. I knew next to no one in a city, county and state completely foreign to me. My family, friends and career were back home in California. I ached for returning to La La Land, where I feel connected and whole and supported and inspired. However, I was a single mommy who could not move with my daughter due to custody reasons. Anger and resentment and loads of regret is what I met every morning. I strapped on my best face and was all I could be for my little girl each and every day. I smiled pretty and even dated a bit to test the waters and investigated my tolerance for our new surroundings. My heart still longed for home in California.

I chose to change...my thinking, my activities, my beliefs, even my mothering. Upon reading a bit of information and taking responsibility for ME, I began to evolve. I stopped seeing my ex as the most awful human, I felt the elements of home that I adore, I heard the rustling of palm trees in the wind at the beach. I even began to love my students and clients in my current surroundings, just as I had loved my clients from home. My daughter and I attended as many fun events as we could muster and we played everyday by dancing, singing and running until we collapsed in a pile of giggles. A sense of happiness is what crept in and that allowed room, a lofty kind of space for faith, belief and expectation to take up residence in my brain and heart.
It has been about 12 months now of studying, chanting, affirming, journaling, and being diligent about them all, so much that my daughter does much of these st my side.  I am thrilled to report that my almost four year old and I are MOVING HOME TO CALIFORNIA in a few weeks!! It's here, and I am ever so grateful for the guidance and support I have received. I am forever a student of Universe/God and am humbled by its power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! The ability to allow our future to unfold is partly due to my practice of movement and being able to be inside my body. I'm so grateful to discover 20 years ago that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE...building a platform of openness to accept even more ways to allow and learn and grow. 

Amanda Jane Avis loves sharing the power of movement and how to harness your physical potential. When not teaching, you  may find her saying, "awesome," stealing spoonfuls of frosting, and dancing to Motown with her mini me.
Amanda Avis