This stubborn Taurus entrepreneur was catapulted into single motherhood with an overflowing heart of love for my toddler, but no network and zero business. Let go and let God? Give up my passion for truly teaching clients and students? Walk away from a dream that I developed AFTER selling my brick and mortar fitness studio for my infant marriage? Morph yet again and run from teaching gig to teaching gig, while paying half my earnings for childcare, since I reside multiple states away from my family? My heart, gut and intuition screamed, "No!" These organs and energy pulls from deep within were the celestial choir I needed to hear and feel in order to move forward.

Patience is not my virtue, but my capacity for it is 1,000 times improved after experiencing divorce with a child in a state, county and town I have no connection to. What now? We live. We play and explore and grow and learn. I expose my daughter to all our current surroundings have to offer. I find a small and mighty tribe of like minded single parents who've danced the dance that  I initiated two years ago. I insist on involving ourselves as the new mommy/daughter duo at story time gatherings, farmers market festivities and play dates. I push myself and ignore the fatigue...truly emotional mononucleosis from years of questioning my choice of mate and my guilt of deciding no more and moving on. Should I have stayed and just accepted my fate to exist as a single mommy by day, voiceless and labeled nagging wife by night...only if any sort of communication commenced?

Some might say I push too hard and should simply lie down and be the victim while moving on with blind acceptance. What I have done, however, is develop a small network, repurpose my contacts and favorite people from home and live for today, while maintaining laser focus on what life is manifesting down the road. And it's not a grand boulevard, anymore. It is a sweet, Americana subdivision street to take a leisurely stroll down, while grinning the entire way.

My time in this city has truly been life altering. I loved, lost, became a mommy, and rediscovered my creativity, passion for teaching clients and found new inspiration for writing, entrepreneurship and friends, from both past and present. It's as if this time has been a warp-a period of minutes, days and months strung together by the common denominator being me and my daughter. No real beginning or end, simply a rounded out experience that has grown me, my little one and our faith and belief in what is being realized...our best life.
That best life is one enveloped in movement and activity and I'm honored to share the knowledge that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE with my daughter, everyday.

Amanda Jane Avis loves sharing the power of movement and how to harness your physical potential. When not teaching, you  may find her saying, "awesome," stealing spoonfuls of frosting, and dancing to Motown with her mini me.
Amanda Avis