My Bio

Here is a bit of my history to illustrate my passion and desire to share my knowledge with the world because... MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE!

*** "Mala" refers to a garland or circular motion, as in using mala beads while in a meditation practice. I chose to name my studio and business Mala Motion because I teach many types of movement and fitness, and tend to link them, according to the needs and goals of my clients.

I began my exploration of movement as a child. My early dance training sparked an intense curiosity of anatomy and physiology, which led me to study the amazing human body after receiving my B.A. In Dance from UCLA, where I was also on the UCLA Dance Team. You see, I am totally in awe of what our bodies are capable of; changes in strength and endurance, powers to heal, and the constant expressive qualities that create feelings of confidence and joy!

I earned my certificate in Pilates from Long Beach Dance Conditioning in 1998 and taught at a number of studios in Los Angeles. I then received my certification in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, following a contract as a dancer with Princess Cruise Lines and as a member of Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre.

Chicago was my next home for a few years, where I taught and also performed for some incredible companies and organizations-Joel Hall Dance Center, The Black Orchid, Van Collins Movement Project, Dance Chicago and the Chicago Bulls Luvabulls dance team. It was in this fantastic city that I apprenticed with Juergen Bamberger in a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis teacher training.




But home was calling my name. I returned to L.A. and went back to Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre as a company member and soloist. I then received my certification in Yoga at White Lotus in the Santa Ynez mountains in 2003. I also opened my studio, Mala Motion in Santa Monica and taught clients of all levels and goals, while continuing my movement education with a certificate in Yoga Therapy, under the direction of Larry Payne and Loyola Marymount University in 2007.

I closed my studio doors after becoming a mommy in 2013, but reopened as a teacher of virtual sessions. I can now reach a broader student base and spread my message...MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE! I've since trademarked my own version of barre classes called, Barre Jane. I always invite people of all disciplines, levels of athleticism and abilities to explore with me. I offer you some of the precious commodity of TIME back into your life with our virtual sessions in Pilates, yoga, yoga therapy, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, rehabilitation and Barre Jane. Together, we can reach and surpass your goals...let's get you MOVING!