Movement Changed My Life


I am positively a better mother, friend, daughter, teacher and human because of it. I have been where you are...uncomfortable in my own skin, uncertain, frustrated by the time, energy and money spent, apprehension that anything will work, yet an enormous desire to become the authentic, powerful me I am destined to be in mind and body. I was that gawky, ridiculously awkward tween and teen, trying to find comfort and confidence in my body and physical abilities. I am beyond grateful (I am sure my parents are too) to have had the dance studio where I essentially grew up.

Dance was my saving grace. It was what protected my heart when I ecnountered teasing, bullying and body shaming. You see, it doesn't matter what portion of the spectrum you are on...little, big, or anywhere in between, feelings of being less than and being called out for our aesthetic imperfections cut to the core.

Movement and my relationship to it gave me hope to move forward, as I developed a professional career performing in many different genres and types of venues for the better part of two amazing decades. That love of movement transformed into sharing the incredible techniques I now practice and teach.



Healing and Balance

Despite my progression with opening my studio, Mala Motion and serving my amazing clients, I remained the skinny, yet muscular girl, always the most petite at all stages of my performing and teaching life. Constantly underestimated because of my size, or lack thereof created a fire inside me to push forward and become stronger and more powerful. My journey to betterment has been peppered by physical road blocks...I encountered shingles, mercury and arsenic poisoning, mono, Epstein Barr, morphea and a host of other auto immunity issues.  

These health hurdles launched my study of internal wellness and the body's ability to heal and rebalance. Ive visited both Western and Eastern doctors scrambling for answers like a hamster on his wheel. Exhausted by frustration and realizing the vast discrepancies in the fitness/wellness/medical worlds, I felt my time, energy and money was slipping away,  leaving me empty handed, without answers.

I urge you to allow my battles, struggles and determination to keep going to further serve you. Let's get you out of pain, uncertain of your abilities and into a place of confidence, enthusiasm and power via movment and fitness. Get off the never-ending hamster wheel!



Mala Motion

You need a teacher who has been there and emerged on the other side, an instructor you can relate to, who understands you may be tired, unmotivated, disappointed or embarrassed, who has experienced all those emotions and is still inspired to share how movement has the ability to diminsh and erase negativity and replace it with feelings of excitement and confidence. My mission is to guide, teach and cheer lead you to success.  

Yes, movment changed my life and having it consistently is a comfort, like a confidante or friend you've known for years who totally gets you. This forever friend has given me gifts of understanding my body, and from the many years of being a practitioner and teacher, I have the language you need to hear in order for you to truly understand your body and get you where you want to be.

Our sessions may be in person, or online. They are effective, fun and custom tailored to you. I'm a firm believer in personalized attention.  I am not a teacher of one size fits all fitness. Your program is yours, based on your current physical condition, your history and your future self. I structure our sessions according to your schedule and availability.


Movement is Medicine!

We all know one of our most precious commodities is time. I give you the option to meet virtually and preserve this sought after gem, all while spending less energy on the commute to your laptop and cutting cost.

The philosophies you will learn and embrace have been perfected throughout my years of working on my own body and teaching my many clients and students. Allow me to share these gifts with you because you deserve to reach and surpass your physical potential and feel amazing inside your skin...MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE!