Amanda Jane Avis - PilatesBENEFITS: Increases strength from the inside out. Decreases compression of spine. Creates long, strong muscles.

Originally named Contrology, Joseph Pilates developed his method to aid in rehabilitation. Stricken with rickets as a child, Pilates was determined to develop an incredibly strong, well-proportioned physique. Coined the dancers work out decades ago, Pilates is now accessible to people of any age or ability; to those with a healthy body or one in need of special attention. The equipment he designed at the turn of the 18th century facilitates the lengthening of muscles, as all muscle groups are worked from origin to insertion. This creates long, supple muscles that are well toned and strong, as no bulking of any muscles and connective tissue is involved in this form of movement.

Pilates focuses highly on the “core” muscles, or “powerhouse” of the body. These terms refer to the abdominal muscles…all of them. When moving from one’s core, all abdominal muscles are recruited to perform efficiently and safely. Unlike most exercises we have been taught to create strong stomach muscles in the past, Pilates educates the client to engage his or her tranversus abdominus, internal and external obliques, and rectus abdominus, as both the anterior and posterior parts of the torso are challenged. This increase in awareness and strength of core muscles decreases pressure and compression of the back and spine.

Understanding one’s powerhouse and the fact that our daily movement should stem from it, the Pilates practitioner may focus on toning and slimming other areas of the body while increasing flexibility and range of motion. The Mala Motion client will feel longer, stronger and more centered and aware of his or her body in space. The possibilities are limitless.


Amanda Jane Avis - DanceBENEFITS: It’s fun! Coordination, flexibility, mind/body connection, heart rate increase, all over work out

Come dance with me! Dancing is one of the most natural, inspiring, and fun ways to move. We all can do it-the ability to dance is innate. Your custom tailored dance session will get you moving and grooving and put a smile on your face. Challenge your whole body, while connecting with your mind and further developing coordination. Enjoy music and feel the three dimensional quality and abilities of your body…then wow yourself and your besties at the next social engagement!


Amanda Jane Avis - Dragonfly Yoga PoseBENEFITS: Calming techniques for the mind and body, breath work aids in connecting with our thoughts, utilize this ancient practice for your everyday physical and mental needs, may be done anywhere!

Float, feel, be free! Experience your physical self while challenging the mind. The practice of yoga will guide you to journey through your body like you’ve never before. Move with strength and subtlety, while realizing your power. Understand how you can be aware of push/pull, up/down, front/back, in/out within movement, and go further with the support of your breath. No flexibility required…no excuses!


BENEFITS: Increase cardiovascular strength, increase breath capacity, heightened endurance.

A cardio session will be MALA! Mala Motion became the name of my business because Mala means garland. I refer to the style of movement I teach as a linking of techniques; like the beads of a Mala necklace. Within your cardio class, you will be challenged and guided to perform all genres that you find interesting, fun, new, and possibly kick-bootie-tough. I will throw all styles that speak to you in the cardio pot, give them a stir, and develop sessions that leave you breathless and sweaty. You will be shocked at what you can accomplish physically, and will be asking for more…”more Mala please!”


BENEFITS: Address physical discomfort, gain awareness within the body, increase proprioception, learn to move with ease and intelligence.

A rehabilitation session is laser focused on specific physical issues. After experiencing acute injury, we often neglect the aftermath…pain, loss of range of motion, decreased awareness of the affected area. Dealing with how we move in everyday life, as well as sport specific activities is vital to truly heal an injury. We can, together address your concerns and find the best route for recovery. Collaborative means are also encouraged, as I believe communication with whomever is on your team of wellness teachers is a wonderful way to move you toward health and movement freedom.

Barre Jane® – tutu not required

With so many choices out there, I wanted to offer my clients and students something a bit different. We all know there are countless ballet barre classes being offered at studios, gyms and online. With my dance background, and tapping into what really gets my engine revving, I developed my version…Barre Jane – tutu not required!

This class combines ballet technique both at the barre and center floor. With a constant emphasis on alignment, there are slim to none opportunities of strain, which is not always the case with the masses of classes out there. My students get groovin’ to awesome music, feel warm, learn great posture and grace, but also have a fantastic time with my addition of some modern and jazz techniques. You think only ballet plies work your bum, arms, core and thighs? Oh no! Give the techniques of Horton, Dunham, Graham and Luigi a try and then give me a call…your body will thank you!

No barre required. Simply grab a high back chair and follow along. It’s a guaranteed good time!



Amanda Jane Avis - GyrotonicsBENEFITS: Increases flexibility, range of motion and strength. Heightens energy and awareness of alignment. Strengthens immune system and reduces stress.

Created by Juliu Horvath, the Gyrotonic Expansion System (GXS) incorporates the movements of yoga, gymnastics, swimming and dance. As a former dancer, Horvath sustained numerous injuries thus launching him into a search for a modality of movement and exercise that would revitalize and invigorate his body. The Gyrotonic® Expansion System stems from 3 dimensional, undulatory, spiraling motion. From his study and observation of the natural, organic movement of animals and infants, Horvath’s GXS allows the practitioner to tap into his or her innate, inherent motion patterns and move freely. This motion is initiated from the pelvis, creating space between the vertebrae and alleviating the spine of daily compression. The skeletal system becomes balanced and grows stronger. These movement patterns constantly utilize concentric and eccentric contractions, as both agonist and antagonist muscle groups are worked and evenly distributed. Gyrotonic® demands exertion and concentration from all parts of the body, as this is an incredibly integrated system of movement and exercise.

The Mala Motion client will enjoy a well-proportioned body less prone to injuries through increasing the functional capacity of the spine. Heightened flexibility, strength and power also result from the use of the Gyrotonic® equipment. The dials, pulleys and free weights allow for limitless resistance and range of motion, as breath is coordinated with all movement. Dependent upon our client’s needs, the emphasis of breath will reside in different areas of the pelvis and spine. For example, if additional thoracic stretch (middle back) is a goal, an inhalation is paired with a rounding of the spine and a concentric contraction. Whereas, an eccentric contraction (lengthening of the spine) and light weight resistance are matched with an exhalation when stronger abdominal muscles and a controlled center are desired.

Gyrotonic® is designed for anyone. Whether young, old, couch potato or elite athlete, GXS will guide the practitioner to an enhanced physical life. This full body system is wonderful for increasing one’s golf swing, tennis serve, swimming stroke, dance technique or understanding of yoga poses, to name just a few. Gyrotonic® gives the Mala Motion client additional ease, body awareness and performance virtuosity throughout all movement and exercise…sports, athletic competition, parenthood and life. In addition, GXS may be an educational tool for children to assist in their physical consciousness, coordination and confidence.


BENEFITS: Increases awareness of one’s center, challenges balance, aids digestive system, strengthens spine.

Gyrokinesis® is the non-equipment, yogic version of the Gyrotonic® Expansion System. Utilizing the same spiraling, arching, curling and rotational motion patterns as Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® challenges the client to perform without the assistance of equipment. Gyrokinesis® utilizes floor-work, sitting on a stool and standing upright to engage the client to find his or her own sense of resistance and movement ability within space. Looks may be deceiving, as this yoga form of exercise may appear quite simple. However, Gyrokinesis® clients must be aware of their bodies at all times while exerting themselves muscularly and energetically, thus guiding them to achieve balance, stability, mobility and strength.