Up Your Game and get out of back pain!

Thank you very much for attending my webinar, Up your game and get our of back pain!
In a private online session, you and I will tackle your goals as a team, utilizing technology to bring us together. A Skype or FaceTime appointment provides you with the visibility we both need, along with the immediacy in addressing any questions or issues. You get to stay home, work out, and feel amazing!

During a duet or group online session, Skype and Zoom are used so that all students have the same vocal access to me, while I have equal visibility to you. We meet and surpass goals together while having a great time and learning a ton about the body and its performance potential, along with making plans for more goal conquering!

In-home sessions are with me…the real me, in the flesh! Privates, duets, and groups are all awesome, productive and fun. You will reap the rewards of hard work that is not only enjoyable but something you’ve probably never done before-even if you’ve tried pilates, Gyrotonic, yoga, barre, and dance!

Sessions may be purchased in packages of 5, 10, or 20 sessions. Sessions may be of any genre the client chooses.

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