Do you feel connected? Do you truly sense what others are feeling? Are you affected by their emotions and challenges? Being able to relate to others from a point of understanding is one thing. Taking on and carrying the feelings of friends, peers, colleagues, is a whole different ball game.

When I teach clients, I become quite close to them. It is definitely a professional relationship, yet includes tight friendship ties that if history serves, endure across the miles and through the passage of time. I’ve lived and taught in a number of cities over my 20 years serving clients and I am still quite close to the majority of them. I would not have it any other way…I am an empath, through and through. When a student and I work together, the bonds formed are strong and include my sensitivities to what they encounter while in session, as well as out and about in their daily lives.

Issues with family, job, parenting are all shared and contemplated. I feel the sincere connection, as it is completely natural for me to take their questions, burdens, hopes home to ponder more. I want to help, add an opinion or reciprocate so that they have additional knowledge in which to move forward. I hope to make a difference. No wonder I’ve chosen a service providing industry to hang my professional hat on…it just feels right.

Empaths need to notice this tendency and protect themselves. This is not to say that we should change. I doubt that would even be possible without great struggle and constant effort to go against the grain of what is innate. But allowing yourself down time and a break from being in perpetual service mode is advised. Stepping away is tough. I always wish to aid in finding a solution to any and all client’s personal dilemmas. However, a recharge moment, or even a brief disengagement can provide empaths with the energy to not only continue to serve, but to also give to themselves. We tend to ignore our own laundry list and willfully jump to the rescue of others. But give this a shot. Pull back just ever so slightly and demand a bit more time for yourself. Then you can tie that super hero cape around your neck again and save the day for others with more gusto. You will find more balance this way, as those I work with have noticed, everyone benefits.

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Amanda Jane Avis

Amanda Jane Avis began her exploration of movement as a child. Her very early dance training sparked an intense curiosity of anatomy and physiology, which led her to study the amazing human body after receiving her B.A. in dance from UCLA in 1996. She invites people of all disciplines and levels of athleticism to explore Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Raising the Barre, and dance. Amanda Jane is currently seeing clients online and in person.

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