There is nothing more distracting to students in a group class then someone walking out.

We’ve all witnessed it, and we’ve probably done it ourselves. The intention of departing before the stop time is certainly (hopefully) not to be rude to the other students or the teacher. Sometimes, schedules are a bear (like always!), and we must make an exit.

Ok, do it.

But step away from the classroom with discretion, appreciation and respect.

Have a plan!

Develop your escape route ahead of time. Inform your teacher before class so that he or she isn’t wondering if there is an issue. Perhaps notify the others next to you that you’ll be departing early, but you will see them in the next class. These are all ways to illustrate to your movement community that you appreciate the knowledge, the energy, and the commitment of your teacher, as well as your compadres. Tip toe out of the room with a smile, and nod to your guru and be on your way. We all know scheduling life can be sticky.

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Amanda Jane Avis

Amanda Jane Avis began her exploration of movement as a child. Her very early dance training sparked an intense curiosity of anatomy and physiology, which led her to study the amazing human body after receiving her B.A. in dance from UCLA in 1996. She invites people of all disciplines and levels of athleticism to explore Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Raising the Barre, and dance. Amanda Jane is currently seeing clients online and in person.

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